About This Website

Online since June of 2008!

I originally created selfdirectedsociety.com in support of my book, Principles for a Self-Directed Society, published by Basementia Publications.  I wanted to be able to offer corrections, addenda that didn’t make it into the book, and my thoughts on current events.   The site went live before the books came back from the printers.

For obvious reasons, the book was not commercially successful, so nobody cared about my corrections and addenda.  Then it turned out that being a blogger can be time-consuming, and it’s not very financially rewarding, so I have been unable to consistently post about current events while they are current.  What you get instead is a spattering of occasional rants, self-referential quotes, and policy positions; interspersed with more rants, and an occasional piece on stale, quasi-current events from a couple weeks ago.  Shockingly, this site remains obscure.

But you’re here!  Welcome!  Please browse around and enjoy perusing this online documentation of the process of the gradual evolution of my policy positions over time.

Topics of Interest to You

What topic interests you most?  Type it into the search bar to see if I’ve written a piece that discusses it.

If it’s a major hot-button issue but not discussed on the website, then you can be certain that I covered it in the book and haven’t yet found a compelling reason to add to whatever I said there.  If it’s an obscure issue and you think it warrants discussion, I’d love to hear your suggestions.  I’m working on overhauling the website system and hope to add a contact form at some point.  One of these days.  It probably won’t happen right away though.  This website is really a low-priority side project.  You’d never have guessed, right?  Well, anyway, thanks for visiting, and enjoy!