The Occupy Movement Speaks

Not just all across the nation, but all around the globe, untold thousands of people came together today to speak out against the corrupt system that benefits the wealthiest 1% (or less) at the expense of the masses.

Their message is clear: “We are the 99% and we’re not going to take it anymore!”  People are protesting out of their deeply held belief that the governments and economies of the world must be run for the benefit of the people of the world.  People are protesting because the banks got bailed out, the hedge fund managers made off with the billions, and we the people have been told to accept poverty, endless unemployment, backbreaking debt, and austerity galore.

The corporate media intentionally misunderstands and obfuscates this message.  The corporate media systematically undercounts the number of protesters in attendance at the rallies.  The corporate media goes out of their way to associate the Occupy movement with a few violence-loving anarchists in Rome.  The corporate media uses terms such as “anti-capitalist” and even “pointless” to describe the Occupy movement.

The corporate media does not get it.

Calling for change is hardly pointless.  The corporate media had no trouble understanding the point of the Tea Party movement: and in the time that the Tea Party has controlled the House of Representatives, we have all had an opportunity to observe the devastating effect of Tea Party ideology on the living standards of the 99%.

Some in the Occupy movement are doubtless opposed to capitalism in its present form: and as long as the government continues to fail in its responsibility to represent the interests of the people, who can blame them?

I think most of the Occupy protesters probably hold more nuanced views: that regulation of the financial system is both necessary and lacking; that political power and high finance are too cozy and must be separated; that the tax system has dramatically increased the gap between the rich and the poor at the expense of the middle class, and therefore the inequalities inherent in the system must be corrected.

My personal hope for an outcome of the Occupy movement is that this popular uprising will result in a Constitutional amendment permanently prohibiting campaign finance of any kind.  Get the money out of politics: all the money.  And while we’re at it:  Fix the tax laws, regulate the banks, tax the sale of stocks, and use the revenues to put the people back to work.

Vive la Occupation!

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