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These posts discuss politics and government. Topics include political theory, Constitutional law, and inevitably, current political events and trends. Some of the ideas suggested in the book and promoted on the website could eventually be developed into “model legislation” if I ever find time for that. Some of these ideas are high-minded and suggest ways the American people can work together to build a brighter future. Some of the other posts take a somewhat annoyed tone… it’s difficult not to be annoyed by politics. Read at your own risk.

Entrenched Power Trumps Democracy in Egypt

These are dark times to be a person of principles.  The hope of the Arab Spring and the Orange Revolution have given way to a nightmare of civil war, brutality, and militarism.  The cause? Entrenched power is stronger than the … Continue reading

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Anarchists shut down government

I know, this is hardly breaking news.  The #governmentshutdown is over, and the Tea Party proved their point.  They wanted the government shut down, and they shut it down.  They are opposed to government.  What could make them happier than … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers for the First Half of 2013

Well, the stock market is doing pretty well so far this year.  And I keep hearing that the housing market is rebounding, not that it’s done me any good.  They even say on the news that consumer sentiment is improving, … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Chopping Wood

Sometimes, when you’re trying to split firewood, you get a big old log of wood that’s just so big that your axe gets stuck in it.  Now, when this happens, you could try to work the axe back out and … Continue reading

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Elections 2012: A Retrospective

Here at the Principles for a Self Directed Society blog, I’m not able to post commentary on every event in real time.  I would have loved to comment on the 2012 election while the season was in full swing, but … Continue reading

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The Right to Change One’s Mind

In the mainstream political discourse, changing one’s mind is seen as anathema.  Someone who changes their mind “waffles” or “flip-flops” or “voted against it before they were for it” and so on and so forth.  You hear this brought up … Continue reading

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We Agree

Shared Beliefs of Conservatives and Progressives We believe in freedom. We believe in hard work. We believe that good work should be well rewarded. We believe in the right to own property which is the reward of our work; and … Continue reading

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Pay Congress Minimum Wage

As the Federal budget circus continues to run around in three rings, I would like to revisit a proposal I made in the book. This proposal of mine would reduce costs to taxpayers by cutting the pay of a specific … Continue reading

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On Partisanship

I am going to try an experiment. I am going to try a change of tone. In earlier posts I have railed against my political opponents and described them in unflattering terms. I am not going to go back and … Continue reading

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Why Republicans Want to Eliminate Social Security (and Medicare and Medicaid)

The reason is simple. Hint: Government debt is not a factor. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid quite literally prop up the middle class.  Eliminate these programs, and the middle class will all but disappear.  THAT is the whole point.  The … Continue reading

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