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The mainstream media has lost its anchor. In an effort to appear centrist, the media completely panders to the political right. Nothing is ever good enough for the extremists, who continue to insist that the media is still too liberal. Rather than examine the facts of the matter, the media takes the extremists at their word, and moves the news coverage still farther to the right. This section of the website chronicles my somewhat comical one-man stand against media bias. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad.

Public Radio’s Conservative Bias: Part Three!

Another saga in my ongoing campaign against media bias. I didn’t start it. There I was, minding my own business, when a local public radio station sent me an e-mail to inform me that my opinion does not matter to … Continue reading

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Media Bias, Continued

In an earlier post I set forth a detailed argument that NPR’s coverage of the news is badly affected by its blatant conservative bias.  A few weeks after I wrote that post, NPR fired one of its senior political analysts … Continue reading

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NPR’s Conservative Bias

NPR’s Conservative Bias A detailed analysis of political coverage by National Public Radio reveals a distinct partisan bias.  The following article provides irrefutable numeric evidence to support this conclusion. While biased news coverage is commonplace in today’s media, most of … Continue reading

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Rewriting History

The extremist conservative agenda strikes again. As most news-aware Americans have heard by now, the Texas School Board has issued its own ideologically driven “standards” for school textbooks. These standards rewrite the Social Studies and American History curricula to stress … Continue reading

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