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These posts discuss economics. In the book, the discussion of economics largely centered on socioeconomic stratification (aka “the class system”). The book came out in early 2008, before the economy totally exploded. Subsequently, most of the economy-related posts on this site have dealt with the meltdown and its aftermath.

Zen and the Art of Chopping Wood

Sometimes, when you’re trying to split firewood, you get a big old log of wood that’s just so big that your axe gets stuck in it.  Now, when this happens, you could try to work the axe back out and … Continue reading

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Debt and the Financial Crisis

I was interested to note how directly the ongoing financial meltdown and the massive federal emergency bailout package were related to a section from my book, which reads:   The economic recession which began slowly with the “dot com bust” … Continue reading

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The Failure of Free Markets, Continued

The recent turmoil in the stock market was temporarily relieved, for a few days, when the government announced a massive plan for intervention.  President Bush, at the behest of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, has sent Congress a request for $700 … Continue reading

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You call this a free market?

So much for the theory of “free market capitalism.” As I discuss in chapter 8 “Economic Reform,” the proponents of so-called “free market” ideology seem to flip-flop regularly: To the economic pundits at the Wall Street Journal and the White … Continue reading

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Energy Stocks

In section 8.2.10 “Public Utilities” I advocate using public money to buy the nation’s energy companies because I believe publicly owned utilities would be more cost-effective than privately-owned, for-profit utilities. It’s simple math: publicly owned utilities only have to break … Continue reading

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