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Most of these are cross-tagged under either politics or international law. I would have loved for this blog to be able to actually keep up with current events in real time, but I just don’t have the time. There’s so much to discuss!

Entrenched Power Trumps Democracy in Egypt

These are dark times to be a person of principles.  The hope of the Arab Spring and the Orange Revolution have given way to a nightmare of civil war, brutality, and militarism.  The cause? Entrenched power is stronger than the … Continue reading

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Anarchists shut down government

I know, this is hardly breaking news.  The #governmentshutdown is over, and the Tea Party proved their point.  They wanted the government shut down, and they shut it down.  They are opposed to government.  What could make them happier than … Continue reading

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The Occupy Movement Speaks

Not just all across the nation, but all around the globe, untold thousands of people came together today to speak out against the corrupt system that benefits the wealthiest 1% (or less) at the expense of the masses. Their message … Continue reading

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Protesters Oust Dictator

The overthrow of Egypt’s Hosny Mubarak is one of the most important political events of the decade so far.  I’ll grant that it only happened because the military sided with the protesters; but the military would not have taken sides … Continue reading

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Russia, Georgia, and the Politics of Empire

In section of Principles for a Self-Directed Society, I discuss the potential threat posed to the United States homeland by Russian military might. I outline a defensive strategy to deter invasion, and refer to the principle of mutually assured … Continue reading

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