Hackers are Evil.

Steven Levy at Wired Magazine has spent decades trying to promote a sunny image of “hacker culture” as a group of misunderstood misfits; innovators who create new things and propel society and its technologies forward.

May Steven Levy get hacked.

Hackers are evil.  Hackers are vandals and thieves.  Hackers spend their time destroying things for fun.  Hackers steal money, because hackers deeply believe that they are entitled to do whatever they happen to feel like doing.

There’s a word for people who believe they are entitled to act on their every whim.  The word is “Sociopaths.”

Hackers are sociopaths. Hackers belong in jail.

As you may have guessed from the vehemence of this post, some jerk hijacked this website and wiped all my content.  My last backup was several months old so I lost a number of important posts, including my follow-up to the one about NPR’s conservative bias; the one I wrote about WikiLeaks; and the more recent one where I applauded the uprising in Egypt and the overthrow of the Mubarak regime.  I don’t seem to have copies of those entries anywhere.  I will attempt to briefly post very brief summaries to this space as I dream of a revenge that will never be satisfied.

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