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I'm just a regular guy who happens to have had a lot of interesting experiences. I believe in self-improvement, both for the individual and for society as a whole. I'm subject to strong opinions, but I'm trying to learn to be less confrontational about the way I present them.

Entrenched Power Trumps Democracy in Egypt

These are dark times to be a person of principles.  The hope of the Arab Spring and the Orange Revolution have given way to a nightmare of civil war, brutality, and militarism.  The cause? Entrenched power is stronger than the … Continue reading

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Anarchists shut down government

I know, this is hardly breaking news.  The #governmentshutdown is over, and the Tea Party proved their point.  They wanted the government shut down, and they shut it down.  They are opposed to government.  What could make them happier than … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers for the First Half of 2013

Well, the stock market is doing pretty well so far this year.  And I keep hearing that the housing market is rebounding, not that it’s done me any good.  They even say on the news that consumer sentiment is improving, … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Chopping Wood

Sometimes, when you’re trying to split firewood, you get a big old log of wood that’s just so big that your axe gets stuck in it.  Now, when this happens, you could try to work the axe back out and … Continue reading

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Elections 2012: A Retrospective

Here at the Principles for a Self Directed Society blog, I’m not able to post commentary on every event in real time.  I would have loved to comment on the 2012 election while the season was in full swing, but … Continue reading

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The Syria Tragedy

It’s so sad to watch what’s been going on in Syria for the past year and a half.  The United Nations response to the ongoing massacre of civilians by the Syrian army and government-backed militias has been just pathetic beyond … Continue reading

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The Right to Change One’s Mind

In the mainstream political discourse, changing one’s mind is seen as anathema.  Someone who changes their mind “waffles” or “flip-flops” or “voted against it before they were for it” and so on and so forth.  You hear this brought up … Continue reading

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Public Radio’s Conservative Bias: Part Three!

Another saga in my ongoing campaign against media bias. I didn’t start it. There I was, minding my own business, when a local public radio station sent me an e-mail to inform me that my opinion does not matter to … Continue reading

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The War on Black People

For anyone who missed Michelle Alexander’s appearance on Fresh Air on Martin Luther King Day, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Read the transcript, or better yet, buy her book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of … Continue reading

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The Occupy Movement Speaks

Not just all across the nation, but all around the globe, untold thousands of people came together today to speak out against the corrupt system that benefits the wealthiest 1% (or less) at the expense of the masses. Their message … Continue reading

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