Anarchists shut down government

I know, this is hardly breaking news.  The #governmentshutdown is over, and the Tea Party proved their point.  They wanted the government shut down, and they shut it down.  They are opposed to government.  What could make them happier than shutting the government down?  As I have stated before, as I will say again, fundamentalist Tea Party libertarianism is just another face of smash-and-grab anarchism.

What can I say?  It’s a good year to be an anarchist.  It’s a bad decade to be a person who believes in democracy.

At least they aren’t trying to pretend that they pull these shenanigans for the benefit of society.  It was all out in the open: they shut down the government for weeks, at a cost of over a hundred million dollars a day, to protest the very idea that poor people might be able to afford health insurance.

Because you wouldn’t want the middle class to be able to pay their bills…

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