The Book

Principles for a Self-Directed Society is a book by Jesse S. Smith, published in the summer of 2008 by Basementia Publications and available online.  The book was a labor of love, crafted over a period of five years.  It is 226 pages long and contains 137 footnotes.    The published version is a complete overhaul of an earlier work simply titled, A Guide.

Why “Self-Directed Society”?

The book’s title is a statement of opposition to the course of human history, which has generally been controlled by those who amass the most wealth and power.  The time has come for the future of human civilization to be democratized.  We, the people, should be in control of our own destiny; not the elite who presently run the show.

I also posted a more detailed explanation here.

An overview of the book’s contents

The book begins with a brief overview of the prehistory of human society, going all the way back to the origin of the universe. The discussion continues with a consideration of four basic goals, the challenges which face people who strive to attain those goals, and some of the means which may be adapted by a self-aware global society in pursuit of those goals. The goals considered by the book are:

  • Peace
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Health and Prosperity
  • Basic Rights

The book then discusses a number of specific political and economic considerations and reforms which are recommended in order to better pursue those goals. After a final brief discussion of the problematic nature of some of the most deeply ingrained aspects of our society, the text concludes with creative visions for a future world, and additional strategies for, as the closing chapter is titled, Consciously Creating Positive Social Change.

Principles for a Self-Directed Society is available online from Basementia Publications.