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We Agree

Shared Beliefs of Conservatives and Progressives We believe in freedom. We believe in hard work. We believe that good work should be well rewarded. We believe in the right to own property which is the reward of our work; and … Continue reading

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Pay Congress Minimum Wage

As the Federal budget circus continues to run around in three rings, I would like to revisit a proposal I made in the book. This proposal of mine would reduce costs to taxpayers by cutting the pay of a specific … Continue reading

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Not Enough: The Failures of International Peacekeeping

International peacekeeping in the twenty-first century seems to follow two models: the reactive model, which uses the courts and often takes decades to bring a handful perpetrators to justice; and the for-profit model, which is concerned with protecting the strategic … Continue reading

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On Partisanship

I am going to try an experiment. I am going to try a change of tone. In earlier posts I have railed against my political opponents and described them in unflattering terms. I am not going to go back and … Continue reading

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