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NPR’s Conservative Bias

NPR’s Conservative Bias A detailed analysis of political coverage by National Public Radio reveals a distinct partisan bias.  The following article provides irrefutable numeric evidence to support this conclusion. While biased news coverage is commonplace in today’s media, most of … Continue reading

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The “Tea Party”: Double Standard, or Hypocrisy?

At first I was happy to hear about the advent of the Tea Party, because of their potential for splitting the Republican vote and therefore guaranteeing that Democrats will retain control of the Presidency in 2012.  However, this group of … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the USA!

All my life, I have had friends, housemates, and in-laws who profess to be anarchists or Libertarians.  In the past year and a half, anti-Obama sentiment has taken the form of frequent calls for small government, less government, or even … Continue reading

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