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The Failure of Free Markets, Continued

The recent turmoil in the stock market was temporarily relieved, for a few days, when the government announced a massive plan for intervention.  President Bush, at the behest of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, has sent Congress a request for $700 … Continue reading

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Maher Arar and extraordinary rendition

In chapter 6 “Basic Rights” under section 6.2.1 “Habeas Corpus” I briefly mention the case of Maher Arar, a Canadian who was abducted in New York and taken to Syria, where he was tortured and detained without any legal justification.  … Continue reading

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If you didn’t think the government was in bed with the oil industry, think again

If you haven’t heard about this, you should.  The inspector-general at the Department of the Interior has delivered a series of scathing reports to Congress in which he found that at least a dozen officials in the Minerals Management Service … Continue reading

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You call this a free market?

So much for the theory of “free market capitalism.” As I discuss in chapter 8 “Economic Reform,” the proponents of so-called “free market” ideology seem to flip-flop regularly: To the economic pundits at the Wall Street Journal and the White … Continue reading

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